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The Acer

With helicopter seeds,

they grow like weeds,

some produce syrup to fill jars.


The tone of the wood,

is especially good,

for drums and parts of guitars.


Bowling pins too,

and the occasional cue,

have been made through history.


A joy to admire,

as its leaves expire,

is the colourful Maple Tree.

maple leaves


Here are a few photos of expert tree surgery being carried out near Swindon in Wiltshire

Tree surgeon dealing with obstacles    Lone tree surgeon on large oak stump

Arborist climbing a silver birch    Reducing a large poplar tree

Dismantling a tree in a small garden    A tree surgeon going to great heights

Our tree surgeon works quickly and efficiently
leaving you to enjoy your garden

Tree surgeon looking over his team    Tree surgery with lowering ropes

Hedge trimming    Two tree surgeons at work

Now you see it...    Now you don't

We can remove trees leaving no sign they were ever there with the use of our stump grinder.

As well as tree surgery we also do landscaping.